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                           has been supplying distinctive contemporary art for hotels, apartments and interior designers since 1998 and we are still as passionate as ever. We strive to design the most innovative art even with the most modest of budgets.  We keep our eye on the latest interior trends to insure our designs and products are current and edgy.  From inspiration to installation we provide the full range of art services:


We will source or design to your specific requirements.  From design to expertise in production processes we can complete on even the most demanding brief.  Our portfolio includes custom wallpaper, edition prints, photography, sculpture, and architectural detailing.  Familiarity with budget constraints means we are always looking for the most economical but stylish outcomes for our clients.


We believe that clever framing maximises the presentation of any type of artwork.  Even a simple drawing is propelled to artistic heights when encapsulated in white box framing.  There are endless of framing styles to choose from, so please take advantage of our expertise to transform your art, your walls and your world.

Art and Framing
Limited Edition prints and framing


In addition to supplying your art we also take pride in making sure it is installed with the same care.  Our security hanging system protects your investment from over- zealous collectors.

Art, framing and installation
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